The horticulture industry is diverse, ranging from crop production to amenity and retail services. It includes –

Production Horticulture (Food) 

i) Mushrooms

ii) Field vegetables and protected crops

iii) Fruit crops, including apples (top fruit) and berries (soft fruit)

Production Horticulture (Non-food) 

iv) Ornamentals including bedding plants, hardy nursery stock, and ornamental trees

v) Cut flowers or foliage and trees (Native and Christmas)

Amenity and Retail (Horticulture) Services

vi) Landscape and amenity services, such as landscaping, sports turf, arboriculture, local authority services, golf courses, private and commercial garden services

vii) Specialist retail outlets and florists, whose performance significantly impacts on production horticulture

Further Information on each Sector is provided in the “Review and Strategic Priorities for the Development of the Horticulture Industry in Northern Ireland” published by the Forum in 2012.

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