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Economic Significance

Data collated by the Horticulture Forum in 2012 confirmed that the horticulture industry is a major contributor to the NI economy, with a farmgate output for production horticulture of £71.7m, plus at least £80m per year earnings by those in the landscape and amenity services sector.

Output of NI Horticulture Industry

The industry as a whole provides employment for over 7,000 people in at least 1,500 businesses, plus a further 1,000 people working in local authority/public sector organisations.

The production horticulture sector also provides the raw material inputs for approximately 50 food businesses. These businesses, employing 1,770 people and with a gross turnover estimated at £195.5m, generate employment throughout the service industry and associated supply chains.

Employment in NI Horticulture Industry Chart (2012)

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