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What We Do

Horticulture Forum members with a range of produce

“Working together for our Horticulture Industry”

The Horticulture Forum is an umbrella organisation that supports a stronger horticulture industry in Northern Ireland.

We encourage communication between all the horticulture sectors, sharing our issues and our expertise, and making effective joint representations to Government on behalf of the whole industry.

The Horticulture Forum has representatives from the commercial and amenity sectors including:

  • Association of Landscape Contractors (ALCI)
  • Growers NI
  • UFU Vegetable Committee
  • NI Fruit Growers Association (NIFGA)
  • Fruit Industry Federation (FIF)
  • Northern Ireland Flower and Foliage Association (NIFFA)
  • Horticultural Trades Association (HTA)
  • Northway Mushrooms


The committee also co-opts a number of individuals to ensure representation of all parts of our industry.

Secretarial support is provided by the Ulster Farmers’ Union.

The Horticulture Forum for Northern Ireland was first established in 2005 following a recommendation within the DARD Strategic Review of the Northern Ireland Commercial Horticulture Sector in 2002. The review recommended the creation of a small and dedicated horticultural representative body to focus on the needs of the entire industry and create a stronger lobbying body for horticulture with government. Following another review in 2013 the Forum agreed to widen its functions to meet the current and future needs of our industry.

The Horticulture Forum will:

  • Promote the horticulture industry and its contribution to the Northern Ireland economy;
  • Act as a consultative and advisory body on cross sector horticultural issues;
  • Represent the industry with public representatives, DARD and other Executive Departments;
  • Act as a point of contact with the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board and other horticulture organisations outside Northern Ireland;
  • Work with others to promote career opportunities and encourage young people to enter the industry; and
  • Concentrate on ensuring that the horticulture industry’s needs are known and reflected in programmes delivered by other agencies and organisations.

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